David W Lundquist, Architect

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David W Lundquist

David Lundquist is the principal of David W Lundquist Architecture established in 2012. Prior to founding David W Lundquist Architecture, he was principal and project architect for 23 years at Maui Architectural Group, in Wailuku, Maui.

As a knowledgeable, experienced, and pragmatic architect for nearly 30 years, Dave is recognized as a committed professional, listening to what the client needs and expects, delivering results within budget, and completing projects within a reasonable and agreed time span. This remains the philosophy and foundation of David W Lundquist Architecture.

With the comprehensive knowledge necessary and resources available for innovative and functional problem-solving, our team is able to navigate planning, development and construction requirements to attain the best solution and outcomes for any project throughout Hawai’i and the Pacific.

Architectural licensed since 1989 in Hawaii, Oregon, Washington and Colorado.

Professional Experience

David W Lundquist Architecture
Maui, Hawaii, 2012 – present

Maui Architectural Group
Maui, Hawaii, 1989 – 2012
Award winning partnership

Various Architectural & Engineering Firms
1974 – 1988
Architectural Designer

Intelligent Building Design

As your architect, we can guide you through options to discover what is most appropriate to meet your specific needs.

As a standard practice, our firm always strives for an intelligent building design to mitigate energy usage. With the proper on site building orientation, passive solar design can be integrated into a project to optimize solar gain or protection and to optimize natural lighting. We also attempt to access available breezes to minimize the need for air conditioning, and to make careful selection of materials to insure the longevity of the building. A building in a natural environment can open to the landscape and the views, for a calming, peaceful ambiance.

Core Values

Clarifying the program. Start by asking the right questions and carefully analyzing the response. Seeing the design as a whole, integrated within its various contexts (financial constraints, site issues & advantages, code restrictions, desires of the client, intended purpose and use, the prevailing vernacular architecture & its intrinsic benefits & wisdom.

Creative Solution

Maintaining an open attitude to new or unique ideas. Gathering information to help make informed decisions. Helping the client by providing options, weighing alternative. Making recommendations in the interest of the client. Recognizing potential efficiencies that may be possible in the design, predicting obstacles to success. To be as proactive as is possible rather than reactive. To get out in front of the next decision. To relieve as much of the stress from the client by planning, organization, knowledge and experience.

Professional Team

Associate Architects and Interior Designers

Sustainability Experts

CAD Operators to Specification Writers

Civil Engineers

Landscape Architects

Structural Engineers

Mechanical Engineers and Energy Analysts

Electrical Engineers and Lighting Designers

Cost Consultants