Architectural Services

Our firm offers individuals, developers and non-profits full architectural & engineering services for commercial and residential projects.

All phases of design and construction are handled with efficiency, on schedule, on budget and to completion.

Punana Leo Pre-Design


The organizational phase: Purpose, parameters. The architectural-client experience is pivotal in implementing “Early Discovery” and understanding as soon as possible what will be required to bring the project to life.

Punana Leo Conceptual


The project begins to take shape based on information gathered including function, site selection and funding. The project design is still very flexible; different ideas, options and alternatives are considered and weighed. Client expectations are clearly communicated, understood and incorporated into the design.

Punana Leo Design Development


Agreed upon ideas meet reality. The structural system is established. Integration of mechanical and electrical systems, lighting plans, site drainage, paved areas, building materials, and more begin. More accurate and specific views of the building are generated. At the end of this phase, the project design is largely finalized.

Punana Leo Construction Phase


The construction documents are legal documents. These drawings and specifications are used for establishing accurate construction costs, for the bidding and contractor selection process, and for obtaining approval and permits from the County Building Department, Engineering Division, Fire Department, Disability Access Board, State Department of Health, Water Department, and any other departments or agencies. Contractors must adhere to the final and approved documents.

Punana Leo Bidding & Constr. Admin. Phase


The architect is knowledgeable and experienced in guiding the client through the bidding, permitting and construction administration phase of the project. An important aspect of the architect’s work is to clarify information for bidders, departments and agencies, advising owners on selecting contractors, and working to establish and maintain a good working relationship between the client and the contractors during the construction process.

The architect serves the client by monitoring and communicating work progress and quality updates and by coordinating any necessary work changes until the project is satisfactorily completed.

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